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Your  Complete Safety Department
and / or Safety Consultants

With today's emphasis on safety, compliance with Federal, State and Local rules and regulations is a must.  When the DOT audits your company, we will make sure that your interests and rights are protected.  Let our team of professionals help provide you with an evaluation of your current condition and, if necessary, the tools to take corrective action. 

We offer a complete package from a start up program to a turn key safety program.  Please review some of the services we offer, and if you do not see what you need, give us a call to see if we can help.

Safety Management Programs

  • Complete safety program set up and implementation


    •     Substance Abuse

    •     Hazardous Materials

    •     Driver's record of duty status

    •     Fuel Tax audit and reporting    

    •     Road use taxes computed and filed

    •     Defensive Driving

    •     Safety personnel

    Driver's Logs

    •     Computerized audit

    •     Individual warning letters

    •     Disciplinary program

    •     Company summary report

    •     Computer violation tracking

Fuel Tax    

  •     Calculate fuel, mileage, fuel taxes & refunds

  •     Monthly/Quarterly reporting

  •     Individual reports per unit

  •     Filing of  IFTA report

  •     Filing of all state reports

  •     IRP tracking

  •     Customized to your needs

Safety Meetings

  •     Hold safety meeting at your facility and legally document each meeting

Accident Investigation 

  •     Accident reconstruction

  •     Accident reduction programs

Audit for compliance of OSHA regulations

  •     On site audit for Workers Compensation

Audit for DOT compliance

  •     Driver qualification files

  •     Vehicle maintenance records

  •     Inspection reports

  •     Hours of Service

  •     Drug Testing and EAP records

  •     Accident records

  •     Insurance requirements

  •     Computer Programs

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