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We are transportation specialists with over 100 years of combined experience in the transportation industry.  We are committed to giving each of our clients' personal service to insure compliance.  You can consider us your safety department, or assist in any area to insure your compliance. We will be glad to customize any program to fit into your operation and help reduce the overall cost of your existing compliance programs..  We operate throughout the United States and Canada.  

Don't let your hard earned money go out in fines and assessments from the Department of Transportation and other regulatory agencies when there is an alternative.  Remember, when they come in to audit you, they are not your friends.  They are looking for payment for services rendered and you pay the bill.  Not only do you pay in fines to the DOT, but you will pay through higher insurance premiums and loss of business because of a bad rating.  Be aware that the rating system and other information about your company is on the net for all parties to see.  Please give us a call for all of your safety needs or click here or on the e-mail address above.  Just click on the J & J Safety Services, Inc. to view some of the services we offer.  You can click on my name to find out a little about me and the company.

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Jerry Beatty
President, CEO